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Why it is needed

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There are a range of relevant Government strategies/policies for HE:


  • Interactive partnerships  with business for economic growth and recovery
  • Increased emphasis on collaboration between education providers
  • Supporting employer innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Workforce development –Progression from vocational programmes into HE
  • Widening participation


Increasing numbers of students are opting to learn in the work-place:


  • WBL is therefore becoming more strategically important


Good practice is slowly emerging but not widespread in e.g.


  • pedagogic models
  • progression
  • use of ICT
  • sustainable partnerships
  • understanding costing models and measurement of impact
  • quality assurance
  • how best for institutions to scale-up and prepare for work-based learning


Institutions can benefit from assessing their performance


  • against what the sector perceives as “mature” - in order to inform policies/plans

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