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2-5 Evaluation and review of programme and pedagogic research

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Area of focus  2  Faculty/school/department readiness 
Criterion 2-5 Evaluation and review of programme incorporating pedagogic research 
Main statement An overall framework of continuous improvement, regular evaluation and measurement of impact, based on evidence and pedagogic research, is in place with all stakeholders contributing to ensure that the lessons learned are acted upon and actions monitored. 
Self assessment guidelines
  • The impact (on learners and employers) and cost/benefits of programmes are measured.
  • Programme evaluation and regular review involves all stakeholders and is set within a context of continuous improvement.
  • Employers (including work-place managers, mentors and assessors), course tutors and learners are involved in the evaluation/review processes.
  • WBL pedagogic research is undertaken.
  • The reliability and consistency of work-based assessment methods is regularly evaluated. 
  • Continuous improvement needs to be stiched into core programme or departmental review processes - and not sitting on the side.
Evidence to look for  
Further info and examples





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