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2-3 Business and commerical approaches

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Area of focus  2 Faculty/school/department readiness   
Criterion 2-3 Business and commerical approaches
Main statement The WBL portfolio of programmes are driven by sound business and commercial approaches.
Self assessment guidelines
  • Mechanisms are in place to support staff in developing business cases for programmes that include financial models that incorporate appropriate levels of funding to set-up, run and sustain programmes.
  • Multiple methods of funding are sought from a range of local, regional, national, sector and European sources and where any strings attached to such funding are recognised, particularly for their impact on learners and the institution.
  • Recognition and support is given to the special needs of SMEs e.g. supporting SMEs in securing and administering of funding (where sector bodies could play a role).
  • Mechanisms are in place to assess the viability of WBL programmes within an overall portfolio of programmes.
  • Resourcing and support for WBL is adequate to provide programme teams with appropriate time and resource to forge partnerships and develop and support staff.
  • There is flexibility for changing working patterns (& contracts) of teaching staff.
Evidence to look for  
Further info and examples  



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