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2-2 Partnership working

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Area of focus  2 Faculty/school/department readiness  
Criterion 2-2 Partnership working 
Main statement Strategic "smart partnerships" are in place - designed to be sustainable and win-win in nature with professional ways of working and involving all key sector stakeholders.
Self assessment guidelines
  • Sustainable, strategic partnerships with employers and other providers/bodies are in place that align with each partner's strategic objectives, business plans and career progression.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities are identified for each partner and signed up to.
  • A tripartite model exists between employer, employee and providers in order to create a “win-win” situation for all, where each partner plays to their strengths and recognises each others’ motivations - though accepting the need to be demand-driven.
  • Sector-based partnerships are in place which align with UK, national, regional objectives, regulatory requirements, employer consortia needs and professional standards and involve the appropriate sector, regional and national agencies or initiatives e.g. SSCs, professional bodies, employer consortia.
  • Effective leadership and business-like ways of working are in place where there are mechanisms/structures in place to effect regular dialogue between all partners e.g. via advisory or development groups.
  • Employers are involved in all stages including programme design and delivery.
  • Learners and past learners are involved in the partnership dialogue.
  • Long-term holistic approaches with employers are in place that focus on the employer’s “intellectual capital”. 
Evidence to look for  
Further info and examples  



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p.bailey@btinternet.com said

at 4:42 am on Feb 17, 2011

Customer Relationship Management system - managing and tracking interactions with employers
Employers are represented in appropriate committees, panels, exam boards etc.
Faculty/dept/school has long established partnerships with employers

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