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3-2 Qualifications, pathways and credit

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Area of focus 3 Programme design

3-2 Qualifications, pathways and credit 

Main stateme

 There is flexibility in programme design to allow for different learning pathways for WBL.

Self assessment guidelines
  • Where possible, qualifications and pathways are flexible and can be personalised to individual employees and agreed between the employee, employer and provider(s).

  • Cross-institutional frameworks are adopted (e.g. re-purposing modules from other faculties/departments/courses) to maximise use of modules of learning).

  • Where relevant, learning outcomes relate to the relevant qualifications framework.

Evidence to look for
  • Flexible (shell) framework in place for accrediting WBL and tailoring programmes to suit employer/employee needs

  • Processes are in place to enable required flexibility within an appropriate timeframe

  • Processes for agreeing negotiated learning in place that encompass the learner, employer and institution

  • Processes exist for developing learning outcomes that align with professional standards, qualifications frameworks and employers own standards.

Further info and examples  


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