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6-6 Transition and Progression

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Area of focus 6 The learner experience
Criterion 6-6 Transition and Progression 
Main statement

WB Learners are given effective support and guidance  to make successful transition and progression between different modules and levels of a WB Programme in accordance with their personal development needs. 

Self assessment guidelines
  • There are effective signposting and mechanisms in place to enable WB Learners to enter into dialogue with tutors and their employers about progression choices.
  • There is effective induction available for WB learners as they progress for each module.
  • Tailored module inductions exist that can be delivered and accessed flexibly throughout the year in accordance with individual start dates on the programme.
  • WB Learners can participate in module Induction remotely using online tools and resources as they progress in their studies.
  • Module literature and materials (accessible online) setting out the course content, structure and setting out requirements and expectations are available.
  • Activities, resources and support are available to enable WB learners to assess academic skills and address skills deficits required to study at the level the module they are progressing to demands. 
Evidence to look for
  • Examples of tools resources and activities used to assist WB learners in making progression and transition choices.
  • Examples of information provided to WB Learners at module level to inform them of module content, structure, assessment.
  • Examples of resources and activities developed to prepare learners for transition to modules at advanced levels. 
Further info and examples  



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