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1-9 QA for WBL

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Area of focus 1 Institutional readiness
Criterion 1-9 QA for WBL 
Main statement Are there (Sufficient/necessary) Quality Assurance procedures are in place for WBL? 
Self assessment guidelines
  • Employers (& partner providers) fully understand the implications of academic quality and standards.
  • The HE institution has full oversight of all assessment decisions and has a direct relationship with any assessor.
  • Mechanisms are in place to profile and scope tutors, assessors and external examiners to meet specific WBL methods and contexts and to ensure comparability of standards.
  • Separate external examiners are engaged to focus on skills/competencies and on subject matter.
  • The workplace is fit-for-purpose as a place of learning.
  • Procedures are in place for learner assessments and peer assessments.
  • Tutors, assessors and mentors have the relevant competencies at the appropriate level.
  • Procedures are in place for employers as mentors and assessors (& other third parties such as partner providers). 
Evidence to look for
  • Employers are included in programme design and validation processes
  • There is a process for gathering feedback from Employers and mentors.
  • External examiners have relevant background and knowledge of WBL
  • There are sufficient support mechanisms in place for WBL e.g. mentoring, peer support. 
  • There is a timley process to feedback quality issues to employers involved in WBL courses. 
Further info and examples



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