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1-8 WBL procedures and processes for programme validation

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Area of focus 1 Institutional readiness
Criterion 1-8 WBL procedures and processes for programme validation 
Main statement

 Procedures and processes for programme approval and validation accommodate the particular needs and requirements of WBL programmes.

Self assessment guidelines
  • There is a programme approval & validation process for assessing and accrediting learning (including learning not provided by the organisation) which focuses on providing a fast-track and lean process.
  • Processes provide flexibility for taking on part-time academic staff within a suitable timeframe.
  • Processes to support negotiated programmes with employers.
Evidence to look for
  • A Professional Practice Accreditation “shell framework” provides a basis for the development/derivation of bespoke/personalised awards that can be fast-tracked for approval while maintaining the essential rigour
  • Validation and accreditation processes reflect the needs of WBL courses.
  • Validation procedures allow for short courses and smaller modules
  • Timing of validation allows for validation of WBL courses at any time of the year
  • Dedicated staff responsible for WBL validation centrally ad/or in faculties
  • Assessment procedures are timed to allow learning to be accredited at times appropriate for WBL and there is provision for AP(E)L
  • Job descriptions for part-time staff working in WBL have been agreed.


(See Criteria 3 Programme Design) 

Further info and examples
University of Bradford Professional Studies awards framework and shell frameworks at Derby, Plymouth



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