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1-7 Staff development, recognition and reward

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Area of focus 1 Institutional readiness
Criterion 1-7 Staff development, recognition and reward 
Main statement

Mechanisms are in place to support and recognise staff for WBL.

Self assessment guidelines
  • Work-based learning is accepted as a valid academic model of learning. Parity of esteem exists between academics and practitioners in relation to academic and vocational approaches.
  • All those involved with the design, delivery, assessment and validation of programmes are competent in relation to work-based learning and its attendant focus on new learning models and vocational skills - providing the appropriate mix of skills, knowledge and experience (e.g. representing both work-based learning skills, generic business skills and subject-specific skills).
  • Staff are assessed and appropriately trained to ensure that they can engage fully with WBL programme design and delivery e.g. WBL pedagogic models and ICT/e-learning tools.
  • Reward mechanisms are designed to benefit academic involvement in WBL.
  • Academic staff CPD/training programmes incorporate designing and delivering for work-based degrees using the appropriate mix of ICT/e-learning. 
Evidence to look for
  • There are staff working specifically on WBL.
  • There are teaching fellows (or similar) in WBL roles.
  • WBL is mentioned within the annual appraisal systems
  • Training for WBL is included in the academic staff development programme (and staff are encouraged to attend)
  • There is a recognised award for teaching WBL in the institution. 
Further info and examples
University of Derby - WorkBased Learning Fellows?



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